Sunday, 10 May 2015


So, from the time of writing this there will be only five days to go before Taxi will be published. It’s been quite the journey I’ve taken with Danny Coyne. Although I’ve had some fantasy and horror books published and contributed to a number of anthologies, Taxi was actually written before all of them. A Harper Collins editor commented that the best thing about Taxi was the writing, but it didn’t fit into one of their predefined boxes. Several agents made similar comments, ‘the writing’s good but it’s not  crime, it’s not a thriller….’ Blah blah blah…  Well Here it is. It’s gritty and raw. It’s real.

 Taxi is currently available for pre-order, so go pre-order it. From the 14th of May it’ll be available for purchase, so go buy it then.

A moment in time, unforeseen, unavoidable, can change a life forever.
A Dublin taxi driver’s life pivots on a moment of insanity when a teenage girl loses her life.
 So begins a dark journey for Danny Coyne; he’s not responsible for her death, yet he carries the guilt. He seeks solace in drinking and pushes away those closest to him as he steps into the life of the dead girl and forms a bond with her best friend. His self control will be tested to the limit as he seeks to mete out justice on those responsible and fight his own inner demons.
 Every choice has a consequence.
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