Saturday, 30 March 2013

Discovering Ren - Review
This is a review of Discovering Ren by Jennifer Eifrig.
Jennifer Eifrig is a graduate of Bates College and Wesleyan University. A hardcore English major, Jen loves contemporary fantasy, especially urban and steampunk and novels with strong cinematographic sense. In addition to Discovering Ren and the sequels, Jen writes a free urban fantasy novel via Twitter. Jennifer lives in Middletown, CT with her family.
You can check her out here, and on Goodreads.  You can buy the book here  (I recommend that you do.)
Onto business.
Isadora Ambrosine is an archaeologist with a speciality in Ancient Egypt. Charged by the director of her museum to put on an exhibition of magic in the museum, she travels to Cairo to research her subject. While walking through a packed market, she has a strange encounter with a mysterious woman who gifts her a collection of, what appear to be, ancient amulets. On her return to the US, she and her husband are attacked by a group of would be assassins, during the ensuing struggle she discovers a hidden gift for magic. And so it begins.
While her husband lies in a coma in hospital, Isadora begins a journey of self discovery where she learns she is an incarnation of the goddess Isiss, her responsibilities include the small matter of the defence of mankind against a horde of demons, vampires, and the biggest villain of all, her own brother in law Seth, who is an incarnation of the god Set. Although Set/Seth is a despicable bad guy, who allows his petty jealousies and paranoia to take control of him, you can't help but feel a little sorry for him, and get the feeling his role had been pre-ordained, mirroring previous incarnations in an endless battle with his sister in law whom he both longs for and despises.
This book is jam-packed with magic, myth, and action. Isadora is a real super hero who must quickly assimilate her new role as defender and champion of humanity against the darkness, with her old life as wife, and research archaeologist.


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