Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Book Review: Erato (The Sophia Katsaros series Book ll)
Erato begins at the very moment where Lykaia (book 1) left off. Doctor Kat has arrived back from Greece, having discovered that both of her brothers were murdered in an ancient rite to, supposedly, prolong the lives of a pack of werewolves, alive since the time of ancient Greece, predating our own myths and history of the time. She arrives home to find a wolf in her apartment, having fled Greece and, what she thought, the clutches of the pack, it comes as somewhat of a shock to find a shape-shifter waiting for her.
I loved Lykaia, it was so refreshing to read a tried and often overused genre and discover something new and exciting. Stripping the lycanthrope theme back to its origins in ancient myth, Sharon Van Orman produced a story laced with intrigue, mystery and no small amount of spine-chilling moments. I’m happy to report that she continues in this vein with Erato. Yet, in book 2 she brings a fresh dynamic to the story. In Erato we learn more about the origins of the wolves, and the magic that created them.
The new alpha has sent the pack enforcers, The Efarmostís, after Sophia with one aim, to kill her. When she realises she is being hunted in her own hometown, she does something unexpected, she flies out to confront the new alpha. She discovers that the pack are being systematically killed off one by one and she is the number one suspect. Although they are responsible for the death of her brothers, and she has now killed several of their number with an enchanted dagger, she forms an alliance of convenience with the new alpha. She offers her help as a forensic scientist to uncover the truth about who is killing off the pack in return for his protection against the enforcers and the rest of the pack.
As well as a hugely engrossing story, Sharon Van Orman brings her wonderful writing talent to bear, once again, in Erato. Some of her descriptions are simply poetic, yet never over the top. The book is written in first person, bringing the reader closer to the action, experiencing every emotion and moment of tension in full Technicolor.
I would highly recommend both Lykaia and Erato to anyone who enjoys a good book.
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