Thursday, 16 January 2014

New year, new book
Yep this blog does exactly what it says on the tin... er... title. Today saw the release of the second book in my fantasy series, it's called Warrior and here's what it's about -
The search for the merchant's daughter continues as Culainn crosses the mountains into the frozen north... home, to face his past and the many demons he left behind.
Striking a bargain with the witch-queen, Neeve, he agrees to fight her enemies, the Shadow Druids and Blue-Woads, in return for her aid in freeing the girl he seeks. Will she keep her word, or has she treachery in mind?
All the while, the dark god, Morrigu, continues to haunt Culainn's dreams, seeking to control him and make him her own champion.
You can buy Warrior here:
If you need to catch up with book 1 first you can buy Tribesman here:

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